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Computer Desks For Vehicles - A rugged, versatile, mobile computing desk. Used by individuals and corporations for years. Easy to install, strong, dependable, industry proven and satisfaction guaranteed.

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Pro Desk Canada Welcomes You...

Located in North America, Pro Desks specializes in providing the highest quality mobile computing solutions with the top-notch customer service. We serve clients working in all fields, especially those who work in construction, law enforcement and police fields.

Pro Desk Automobile Laptop Mounts
The laptop Pro Desk we carry fits all vehicle models. Your installation is very simple, and removal is quick as well. The laptop desk will accommodate all models of laptops, extra wide screens, no problem.

The Pro Desk is rugged and dependable, used in professional and commercial applications for years. Agricultural Firms, Utility Companies, Emergency Vehicles, Police and Law Enforcement, Insurance Adjusters, Construction Contractors, Oilfield, and more.

Pro Desks Police and Law Enforcement Systems
Laptop Mounts of this quality are built to rugged demanding standards to fit the needs of Police Officers, Patrol and Law Enforcement Agencies. This model was built for the Crown Victoria and was designed to bolt right in to the existing seat bolts with no drilling or modifications. Very high quality material and construction, the automobile mounting system can be used in commercial applications, off road, agricultural, construction and oilfield applications.

Pro Desks Office / Presentation Rolling Desk

The Pro Desk portable rolling notebook computer stand is ideal for any application where the user sits, stands or moves about. It's the perfect solution for mobile data entry and excels at presentations where the presenter may require mobility for the laptop.

The Rolling Pro Desks work well in clinics, office, hotel, boardrooms, warehouses and much more.

Pro Desks Ships Direct To You
The desks are packaged for easy shipping, all installation instructions are provided and it is a snap to install any of the models. A normal installation takes around 20 minutes using simple hand tools.

Truck, Car, Van, Police, Semi...
The lap top stand works in any model of vehicle.

Top-notch Customer Support Service

Pro Desks offers the most dedicated customer support service. Our professionals at mobile computing technology are always willing and ready to answer any of your questions relating to this field. Assisting you in finding and selecting the most suitable product which suits your requirements and budget is our core aim to work. We are just trying to help you double your work productivity.

At Pro Desks, we pride ourselves in owning managers and personnel who have years of experience in the laptop mount industry. Skills, experience, knowledge, together with our enthusiasm with work help us stand out completely from our various competitors. Our service is professional; questions of clients are solved within minutes.

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