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"We feel very fortunate to be able to offer such high quality desks to our customers.

We look forward to talking with you about your mobile computing needs and assisting you in finding a solution."


Merv Carlson

About Pro Desks - Canada
Pro Desks was formed to provide professionals, consumers, law enforcement agency personnel, construction & service firms along with all contractors access to one of the top automobile and office laptop mounting solutions available in North America.

Professional Support and Service
Pro Desks wanted to provide the support, the service and commitment to our customers that they expect and require to be profitable and productive in today's economy. Investing in mobile computing technology enhances production, improves performance and provides an individual with a unique workspace that is truly mobile. Knowing that the auto mount professionals at Pro Desks are here to assist you in selecting the right unit doubles that productivity and makes for a sound business decision.

Appreciative Industry Experts
The Pro Desks management and personnel have been involved the automotive computer mount and laptop stand industry for many years. Experience and service, combined with our commitment to you makes for a winning combination. We are here to answer your questions, assist in any way, we work for you, and we truly appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Pro Desks Is A Division Of Uppgroup Inc.
Pro Desks is a division of Uppgroup Inc., your purchase information will reflect Uppgroup Inc., any correspondence etc. will reflect our Parent Company.

SVP Manufacturing Inc. Authorized Distributor
Pro Desks / Uppgroup Inc. is an authorized distributor of the SVP Manufacturing Inc. product line. We are proud to represent a quality made product and build our business with the assurance our clients are getting one of the best values in the industry. SVP Manufacturing Inc. ships the product direct to our USA clients and provides an excellent product manufacturing process.


Toll - Free Support and Service 800-780-6029

This site is priced for Canadian Consumers, although the high quality desk and information are the same, if your from the USA, please visit our Pro Desks USA store. Thanks for coming by.

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