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This site is priced for Canadian Consumers, although the high quality desk and information are the same, if your from the USA, please visit our Pro Desks Extreme USA store. Thanks for coming by.

The Pro Desk Extreme
  • The desktop, where the laptop sits/mounts is width adjustable to accommodate all laptop widths

  • The desktop can swivel, tilt, turn, you can configure the position of your keyboard exactly where you like it.

  • An articulating arm allows you to turn the mount from side to side, allowing operation from either side, even standing outside the passenger compartment.

  • Height adjustable main rod allows you to bring the desktop position up or down depending on your situation. If you have larger console you may need to bring the arm up over top, any configuration can be accomplished.

  • Shock Pads absorb impact and safeguard your equipment


The 3 T Locking Knobs you see in the photo are your adjustment locations, simply loosen one or all, swivel the desk into the desired position, retighten.

You can operate this desk with a passenger, it will not interfere with the passenger, the passenger can also operate the laptop by setting the position to accommodate them.

Mobile Computing could not be easier. 

An automotive computer mount such as the Extreme will provide years of rugged use. You can move this mount from one vehicle to the next, no need to purchase a different base. This lap top mounting system was designed for rugged commercial usage on the job site, in law enforcement, Police Car and Patrol Car situations, construction and oilfield usage where off road use could occur. Long Haul truckers, delivery vans, consultants and professionals all find this desk extremely valuable.

  • Direct Shipping

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Field Tested

The Pro Desks Extreme - Contractor Truck Desk Pro Desks Extreme Desk Top
  • The Extreme is designed for rough use applications, construction, oilfield, off road applications, field & job sites, designed tough to withstand this environment.

  • The installation of this desk is fast and simple. With the custom designed base plate, you install using self tapping screws, this securely mounts this for tough dependable service.

  • Shock Control Top - shock absorbing desk top reduces vibration impact to your computer, minimizing the risks.

Rugged High Quality Materials

With the Height Adjustment of 28" it will swivel over any console, communication and/or radio equipment.

Articulating Arm allows for operation outside the vehicle if required.

Desk Top provides secure hold mechanisms and also allows the laptop screen to close securely. The shock control system protects your laptop while traveling.

This is a rugged professional grade desk, not to be confused with light duty mounts that cannot withstand the conditions that this desk might be subjected to.

This desk is designed to take the conditions that oil field, construction, contractors, long haul truckers and all Public Safety personnel will put it through. Don't rely on light duty imitators, trust the Extreme. 

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