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Pro Desks - Dominator Locking Laptop Desk
Pro-Desks features exclusively, the Dominator one of the most advanced Locking laptop truck desks currently available. It has been redesigned from the seat bolt up, to increase the durability, improved the stability, add function and user features like the new printer stand and accommodations for the widescreen laptops. It features the New Locking Top and Pedestal, securing your laptop on the strongest mounting system available.

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Pro Desks Dominator Fits:

All F Series Pickups

All GMC and Chevrolet Trucks

All Dodge Ram Pickup

Toyota Tundra & Tacoma

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Dominator Truck Desk

Pro Desks Dominator

laptop truck support

The Dominator has no competition - it simply is in a class by itself. There are no other desks using this level of quality, workmanship, performance and durability.

laptop truck support



Ford F 150

Ford F 250

Ford F 350

Ford F 450

Ford F 550


GMC / Chevrolet

GMC / Chev 1500

GMC / Chev 2500

GMC / Chev 3500

Tahoe - Suburban








Pro Desks Dominator Locking Laptop Desk

Dominator Locking Laptop Mount

The Pro Desks Dominator is the newest laptop mount on the market, with the only secure locking pedestal and desktop of its kind. This system locks down your laptop so it is secure, it also secures the pedestal so that they cannot remove the pedestal.

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Pro Desks Dominator

The Pro-Desks Dominator has the strongest articulating arm and upright pedestal in the industry, making it the most stable laptop truck mount - Period!

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Pro Desks Dominator Lock Mechanism Desktop Mounting System

Using a keyed knob system on both the Pedestal upright and the desktop, both rotating knobs are lockable, this secures your laptop and mounting system preventing a quick theft of your laptop and or desk. Sure with some time and tools they could still manage to remove the system, but when your just wanting to lock it down while your on a construction site, perhaps while inside a building for s short period, this is the answer.

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Pro Desks Dominator Seat Mounting Base Plate

The Dominator base is serious, yet professional, it fits into the new trucks nicely, yet provides the added strength we required to mount the heavy duty pedestal and desktop on. This holds 17" widescreen laptops with ease.

Pro Desks - Notebook Locking Laptop Stand

The locking mechanism unlocks, you slide the unit out, lift your laptop out of the clamping tray area, and you can take it into your office. It's quick, its easy, and yet very secure when you want to leave it in the unit.

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Pro Desks Dominator Truck Stand

The upright features full 360 degree rotation, as well the articulating arm is full rotation and the ball socket on the bottom of the desktop is full rotation, making the Dominator the easiest desk to position in the industry.

Pro Desks Locking Computer Desk - Dominator

The Improved top now accommodates any size and width of laptop, even widescreen models with ease. You can remove the laptop in seconds as well to take into the office when the day is complete, or when on a sales call or meeting.

The new locking clamp mechanism allows your ToughBook or rugged Notebook, or other laptop to close while secured and locked.

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Pro Desks Dominator Top

The new advanced top now accommodates 17" widescreen computers, has dual isolating shock absorbing pads, the new adjustable side clamps allow you to close the screen and it provides adequate air circulation underneath the laptop for cooling.

Pro Desks Dominator

This image shows that even with the Dominator fully operational, a passenger is not affected at all. The seat moves as normal, the passenger barely knows the pedestal is installed. You can as well pull the upright out of the base tube, leaving only the floor base and short base tube if you like when the desk is not required.

Pro Desks Enforcer II - Dominator - Extreme and Enforcer Max All Work Outside

Like the Enforcer II, the Dominator is designed to come right over the passenger side, you can use the desk from either seat, or from outside. The Dominator allows you to easily work on the computer at almost any position, standing or sitting.

Pro Desks Dominator

The New Locking Laptop Holder, the Dominator, is ergonomic. You can bring the articulating arm around to the driver, rotate the top up to 360 degrees and swivel it up and down to just the right position, eliminating the twisting and reaching that occurs without a desk of this type. The Dominator, like the Enforcer and Enforcer II, as well as the Extreme and Enforcer Max feature the tallest upright, the longest articulating arm, and now all of it locks.

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Pro Desks Enforcer II & Dominator - Extreme - Enforcer - Enforcer Max All Feature -

The two rubber isolation strips provide extreme protection against vibration and shock as most who use the Enforcer II are in more rugged situations. The center section is left to provide air flow for cooling, protecting your computer.